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adam wright

To start with, excuse my inevitable profanity. This made me angrier than anything has in a long time.
This video is why i didn't finish the Obama book and why i find it so hard to be politically active in our current system (there being a distinct difference between political awareness and political activity...).
As these men and women involved in our government are shown making light of the crises and enourmous decisions of our society it just shows me that these people whom we've voted into office and placed our trust in, find this to just be a job and a means to a financial end.
By making a Bomb Iran song to a receptive meeting, McCain is simply pandering to the people he's standing with at the time. He has no standards, no morals of his own, no depth to his own beliefs about his place in government. It's just a joke designed to align with whatever audience he faces and garner donations to maintain the status quo. It's all shocking bullshit.
I've often heard that McCain survived in his POW camp by giving up secrets and sucking up to his captors at the expense of the other men he was detained with. Whether that is true or not, it sure would have been quality training for a life in American politics.
McCain is an asshole and thanks to YouTube, he has lost whatever trust i previously had in him.
This won't affect his campaign sadly as your blog is the first i've heard of it. Obviously the news media is going to protect him.

Lewis Cash

Ron, thanks for bringing this up and Adam, thanks for you reply.

John McCain, the once maverick, Republican senator from my home state (that I used to love for his unwillingness to vote party lines, campaign reform, and correctly calling Falwell and other religious nuts "agents of intolerance") has officially lost his mind.

First off, he continues to support the war in Iraq, which he has to know is a disaster. Second, he has begun playing himself up as a staunch conservative. He has officially "made up with" Falwell, trying desperately (and spinelessly) to get the religious vote. Third, and now this! How can joking about war be even close to funny? How can he think that would be a good move in a highly scrutinized campaign?

Has this hurt his chances? Doubtful. I don't think that anyone who was already thinking about voting for him thinks this is a big deal and I don't think anyone who thinks this is a big deal was planning on voting for him.

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