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One of my friends wrote a blog post about that event and has some powerful things to say on it, you should check it out.



Ron ... fighting the good fight... At our rally here in denver we marched, listened to some people talk and left. I was sitting there thinking to myself "how does this help anything?"... it is like listening to a sermon... and then nothing. The one good thing is that it put the local organizations that i can volunteer with in my face... now i know where i can have action.... fun stuff. Hope you are doing well my friend.


After watching that footage... I wish I was there. Actually, it's probably best that I wasn't. I probably would have tied a bandana around my head and started throwing things at the police too. Of course - that solves nothing, but how can you not get angry at such injustice and stupidity? I'm glad you were there Ron...and i'm glad I got to meet Dave. Cool guy.

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