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I get the second award... but def. not the first. perhaps it is because I do not watch LOST, never have. I mean - sure the commercial is cool - I guess, thought it makes no sense to me... but worth an award? on the same level as the award given to MWY? I just don't know about that... BUT!! It's your award! ;-)

adam wright

Having just finished watching my first season on Lost, i do have an appreciation for that commercial. Much better than the American fare that is shot like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie...
But on a lighter note, way to make me feel like a shallow a-hole for having these awards about insane things and Britney Spears instead of focusing on the art and beauty that there is out there...ha ha. I'm just kidding but yeah, kinda funny.

ron gp

Adam...your awards are therapeutic for me!!!!


Its great. the award is great, the commercial is great and I can't wait to hang out with Mewithoutyou Friday night with my wife, Mia and Shells!


You are back in town how bout you write someting.

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