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Lewis Cash

I will buy/download it, no doubt. I do think that it will be really good, although like many of you said my hope in Rage (or related projects) has dwindled due to Audioslave sucking, Rage's return not being all that cool, and the ridiculous time it has taken Zach to finish and release this record. That being said, I will still buy it and I have high hopes for the album.

My thoughts on the music questions is this: yes, our music tastes have changed and no longer is rap-rock my number one choice for music. In fact, I would rather listen to most music (country and classical included) than listen to bad rap-rock. The difference with Rage (and hopefully this record) and most other rap-rock groups is the genius of the members in the band. Its not about blind aggression or spitting awesome rhymes or have the cool hip hop artist having a guest spot to add to your validity in the rap world. With Rage (and, again, hopefully this record) its about making great music that is inspiring and has a message that moves people. Hopefully this is where Zach will begin (and is where he left off).

adam wright

I will download it when it is leaked 2 weeks before release. Then i will probably hate it.
Hopefully i'm right about the former, and wrong about the latter.

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