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I have flip flopped on dashboard like 4 times and have finally said.... "eff it i love dashboard confessional!" so if you are judging piss off... you know that you liked him at one time or another.... just embrace the broken hearted midget.

adam wright

I've also flip-flopped on Radiohead, although not 100%. I think Kid A is brilliant but it still took me 14 listens to start liking it...something to be said for that. My flip-flops lately have been The Decemberists and The Arcade Fire, who i previously said i hated and now i like. And my other reverse flip-flop was that i used to defent Fall Out Boy and now i fucking hate them with all my heart.


I was wondering when our Fall Out Boy flip would take place...haha

Lewis Cash

I am glad to say that I have always thought that Fall Out Boy sucks horribly. I hate them; always have, always will.

I have had some flip flops for sure: Bright Eyes (so much hype that I didn't give them a chance, love 'em now), The Dixie Chicks (can you blame mean on this? I mean, they sucked, but then they hooked up with Rubin and boom, their record rules).

Bryan McInnis

I had the amazing honor of hanging with one of your former students this past weekend--Marlon. His family goes to the church I work at. Pretty crazy how stuff like that happens.

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