adam wright

My favorite (short of the Halloween - Rawhide show) is after the George Thoroughgood-Steve Miller show, waiting for traffic to clear out of Desert Sky (it'll never be Cricket in my mind) and jamming to my "That's what i call 80s" mix in my mom's suburban when out of nowhere, these 2 older ladies approach us...we convince them that we're much older than we are, that we totally rule, that they should give us their phone numbers and also that they should show us their boobies while driving side by side on the way home...unfortunately i was driving, but everyone else got a great view.

Lewis Cash

Ron and Adam, thanks for the great memories. These are the best. That Lit song was called "My Own Worst Enemy." I still find it really funny that they did a Lit cover...

My favorite 80's hair rock memory is spending $50 on Kiss tickets and then another $30 on a t-shirt, oh wait, no... that sucked.

It was seeing Van Halen III, and having the guy next to us smoke weed all night... oh no, that sucked too.

It was wearing my Van Halen III t-shirt to 80's day in High School only to be called out on it not being 80's by the KDKB morning show guys... nope, that one sucked too.

My favorite 80's memory is playing Boston's "There is No One Like You" with Barret, Kyle, and Adam. That was fun. I also liked painting my face like Peter Criss and playing "You Shook Me" with Adam, Kyle, and Mortemore. Even if the entire school thought we were tools, I loved it!


It was a 1989 Mustang 5.0 convertible.

Really Nole, Boston... you mean that band that was really big in the 70s? Were you trying to think of the Scorpion's, who had a hit song in the 80's called "No One Like You", or were you thinking of the David Crowder song.

You should also no that Kiss is for the most part considered a 70's band. You are making me play the role of KDKB.

My favorite part of the Poison show was listening to an 80's band cover a 70's song in the 90's, Rock and Roll all Nite (Kiss 1975, 75 Nole, its like calling Metallica a band for the 00's ).

ron gp

Nole...you got served Tim and Mark style!!! haha.




Recently joined here now.

Look forward to greet you all!


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