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Oh my goodness that is so scary! I am glad that both of you are not hurt. Who knew Bend had things like that happen, wow. I will be thinking of you both as you deal with the fall out of this invasion of your safety.

adam wright

Jeez man...i'm so glad Erin is ok and nothing worse happened. Let me know if there's anything i can do...there's no worse feeling in the world. Love you guys.


Wow Ronnie, I am truly sorry to hear this. I will def. pray for you and Erin, I cannot imagine how insecure she feels. Stay strong for her. Love you.

Robin Krill

Wow - we'll be praying. I'm sorry this happened - what a scary thing.
P.S. Love the reference to The Odyssey!

Andy Borgmann

Ok so I am a little late to the punch but I figured better late than never.

Getting broken into is always scary - take it from someone who has been broken into 5 separate times - twice while I was home.

I am glad everything was alright. You and Erin are in my thoughts and prayers as I get updated on ya'll from time to time when I see Steve or Dick.

Hope Bend and Nativity are treating you well.

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